orientationsSexual Orientation Issues

Same-sex feelings, attractions and behaviors are normal variants of healthy human sexuality.

But despite growing acceptance of diverse sexual and romantic relationships in society, prejudice and discrimination against gays, lesbians and bisexuals still exist and can complicate the development of healthy sexual expression and relationships.

Finding a qualified professional who has experience and familiarity with issues faced by the gay community is critical to successful therapy outcomes.

I’ve been helping gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals and couples for years sort through some of the following situations:

Confusion over sexual orientation

Knowing oneself sexually isn’t a given for everyone. Anxiety and confusion about who you are sexually is often a significant source of stress and can affect all aspects of your life.

You might feel confused about your sexual orientation because you’re neither 100% straight nor 100% gay. Or you may feel emotionally connected to people of one sex while physically attracted to people of the other.

Meanwhile, internalized homophobia can make it difficult to maintain a positive self-image as your trying to sort out your sexual self.

Sexologists know that having fantasies featuring same-sex interactions is not necessarily an indication of a homosexual orientation. Thoughts, feelings, behaviors and experiences also need to be taken into consideration when clarifying a person’s sexual orientation.

Examining the different components of one’s sexual orientation can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking. With my help, we will explore, in a neutral and accepting manner, the nature of your current feelings and attractions as well as your wants and needs for future relationships.

Coming out issues

The process of “coming out” often involves different stages, realizing that your sexual orientation is not heterosexual being the first. Some other stages you might go through are the following:

  • Internally accepting your new sexual identity and feeling positive about your sexual self.
  • Finding social acceptance and support amongst known “gay positive” friends or close ones.
  • Engaging in sexual exploration, dating and forming romantic relationships.
  • Disclosing your sexual orientation to family, friends or spouses and children from heterosexual marriages.

Navigating through these stages can be an emotionally trying experience. As your therapist, I can provide the support and guidance you need as you face the challenges involved in integrating your new sexual identity into the different aspects of your life.

Sex and relationship counselling for gay, lesbian and bisexual couples

My sex therapy services are available to individuals and couples of all sexual orientations, whether they are monogamous, non-monogamous or polyamorous.

Gay, lesbian and bisexual couples I work with often seek help for the same issues as other couples do such as sexual dysfunction and managing sexual differences.

However, some concerns are unique to couples from the gay community and may also be addressed in our sessions such as dealing with discrimination (from family, friends, the workplace, at church) or coming out issues (differences between partners in the disclosure process).