man.alonewiththerapistWhy see a sex therapist?

Sex therapy is intended for men, women and couples of all sexual orientations, ethnic groups and stages in life, who are experiencing sexual or relationship difficulties, or who simply wish to improve their sex and love life.

Seeking help from a sex therapist for your sexual problems is understandable when you consider how most of us are raised, and how society is today, in relation to sex. Inadequate sexual education combined with the fact that we are constantly bombarded by sexual content containing false information and unrealistic or unhealthy images can make it difficult to have what we need to feel good about our sex lives.

As most of us will experience sexual difficulties at some point in our lives, it is not surprising that we will lack the tools necessary for dealing with the common underlying issues of sexual difficulties such as:

  • Lack of adequate knowledge about human sexuality.
  • Unhelpful beliefs or attitudes about sex and relationships.
  • Negative emotional patterns.
  • Unresolved past hurts or trauma.
  • Lack of sexual self-awareness.
  • Difficulty in asserting oneself in a sexual context.
  • Inadequate communication of wants and needs with spouses or partners.
  • Inability to negotiate sexual differences within a relationship.
  • Unhealthy use of sex as a coping mechanism (such as sexually addictive or destructive behaviours)

In sex therapy, we address the root causes of sexual difficulties and find ways to modify them so you can resolve your sexual problems. Through education, counselling and proven sex therapy techniques, my goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to make the changes necessary for you to achieve sexual health, well-being and, as a result, better relationships.