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For most, sex is a sensitive subject to talk about in a relationship. Whether it’s in a brand new relationship or after many years of being together, most people would rather talk about anything else than their sexual wants, needs and concerns.

So when concerns about sexual frequency, masturbation, pornography use or fidelity arise in a relationship, many just avoid the subject all together. And those who do try often have the same conversation over and over that ends up in frustration and hurt. Meanwhile nothing is getting resolved.

As your sex therapist, I can help you have those difficult conversations so you actually come out of them feeling understood and hopeful that things will get better.

I’ve been helping clients for years sort through the following situations:

One wants sex more than the other

This desire discrepancy is causing tension and resentment in both you and your partner. Your attempts at resolving this situation are actually making sex less frequent and less enjoyable.

What constitutes “good sex” is different for both partners

What turns one person on doesn’t seem to turn on the other. While you both agree no one should do anything they’re uncomfortable with, you’re unable to reconcile your sexual preferences.

Difficulty sustaining satisfying sex after a significant life event

Life transitions such as marriage, parenthood, menopause, aging or illness have brought changes in your lifestyle or sexual functioning and you and your partner are experiencing difficulties adapting your sexual relationship to these new realities.

Seeking help after infidelity

An affair, a one night stand, buying sexual services or online sexual activity have brought your relationship in a state of crisis. You want to understand why it happened and know how to restore the relationship and re-establish trust with your partner.