Frequently Asked Questions

How does counselling with a sex therapist work?

Sex therapy counselling sessions are about helping you understand the different factors that have contributed to developing and maintaining your sexual problems and finding ways to solve them. We’ll establish ways of helping you to take action and improve your sex and love life.

As your therapist, I will provide the information you need for you to get a clearer picture of what factors might be keeping you today from resolving your situation, such as:

  • Sexual anatomy, human sexual development and the sexual response cycle.
  • The role of hormones, feelings, and culture on sexual desire and functioning.
  • The impact of our upbringing on our sexual development and our capacity to enjoy sex today.
  • Understanding the mind-body connection and how thoughts and feelings can impact our sexual functioning.
  • Normal sexual changes throughout the lifetime & how to adapt to these physiological changes.
  • Healthy sexual behaviour vs. destructive sexual behaviour, etc.

As you have a better understanding of your situation, we will explore new ways of thinking, behaving or relating that will enable you to reach your therapy objectives, such as:

  • Discovering what you like and need sexually and how to communicate it effectively.
  • Experimenting new ways of perceiving sex and your sexual self that are more adapted and constructive and help ensure you get your sexual needs met.
  • Releasing feelings associated to past trauma or negative life experiences freeing you to enjoy sex more.
  • Getting your body to respond to sexual stimulation the way you want it to.
  • Modifying negative relationship patterns through couples counselling.
  • Adopting techniques to free yourself from the vicious circle of performance anxiety and be able to have sex with ease.
  • Addressing body image issues by questioning and changing your appearance assumptions ? This could be more clear.
  • Learning how to negotiate more efficiently the sexual discrepancies in your relationship This could be more clear.
  • Identifying triggers that push you towards unhealthy sexual behaviour and finding effective ways to overcome them so you can have a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

What can I expect for our first session?

In our first sex therapy session, I will conduct a global assessment of your situation by inviting you to talk about your sexual concerns and the changes you would like to make to improve your sex and love life.

We might explore questions such as:

  • What is the main concern that brings you to sex therapy?
  • Do you have your own thoughts about the roots of your problem?
  • What have you tried so far to resolve your sexual problems?
  • Are there times when the problems seem better or worse?

We will then determine the course of action for our work together. We’ll discuss the most appropriate ways that we can ensure you achieve your goals towards having more fulfilling sexual experiences: individual or couples sessions, frequency of sessions, strategies, and referrals to other resources if needed, etc.

Most of my counselling clients say that they feel better at the end of the first session.  Getting your sexual concerns out in the open with a qualified professional, taking charge and finding out you are not alone in what you’re experiencing brings huge relief and a sense of hope that things can be different.

How long will therapy last?

The duration of sex therapy depends on the nature of your problem, the type of objectives that you would like to set and your level of motivation in the therapeutic process. I will be more able to determine whether therapy will be short, medium or long term once the initial assessment has been completed.

You must be assured that meeting your therapeutic objectives and getting relief from your discomfort is as important for me as it is for you since these are my main sources of professional satisfaction. Of course you may end to therapy at any time.

Are our sessions confidential?

Protecting the privacy of your personal information is an ethical obligation that I take very seriously.

This includes all verbal and written communication and documentation. I will not disclose any information about you or your family without written permission, except in a limited number of circumstances:

  • If a child is being abused or at risk of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional) reporting to the appropriate authorities is mandatory.
  • If there is a possibility that a client or anyone else may be in need of protection from serious physical harm or injury confidentiality may be broken.
  • If a judge orders me to provide information, records, or reports, I must comply.

Are your services covered by insurance plans?

Some extended health benefits plans may cover my counselling services. However, please note that sex and couples counselling is not covered by Medicare. For more information, contact me and we will discuss this in more detail.

What are your hours?

I see clients Mondays to Fridays with some evening appointments available for those who cannot make it during the day.

How can I book an appointment?

Simply fill out my contact form, or call me! No referral is required.