Are you:

  • Feeling frustrated or anxious during sex?
  • Worried that your sexual problems or fears are threatening your relationship?
  • Haunted by past sexual traumas that keep you from wanting and enjoying sex?
  • Experiencing shame, guilt or fear about who you are sexually?
  • Struggling with sexual thoughts or behaviours that you’re uncomfortable with and you fear are getting out of control?

Unresolved sexual issues can seriously affect a person’s life and well being and can result in:

  • Conflicts with your spouse or partner
  • Avoidance of sexual contact
  • Inability to establish significant intimate relationships
  • Never getting your sexual needs met
  • Performance anxiety
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Social Isolation
  • Shame, depression…

For more than 20 years now, as a sex therapist, I’ve been providing individuals and couples with the knowledge and guidance they need to get the sex and love life they want.

With my help and expertise, sex therapy can help you:

  • Want and enjoy sex again with your spouse or partner
  • Experience a deeper sexual connection with your spouse
  • Feel more confident and relaxed during sex
  • Experience higher levels of sexual arousal so you get better erections or reach orgasm
  • Know how to delay ejaculation and make sex last longer
  • Alleviate pain during intercourse
  • Free yourself from sexual fears, problems or trauma and enjoy sex
  • Live free from unhealthy or compulsive sexual behaviors
  • Feel good about who you are sexually

My Clients Are Often Surprised at How Comfortable They Are Talking to Me About Sex!

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in sexology and a Master’s degree in clinical sexology. My extended training and experience in combination with my warm, down-to-earth approach ensures that you feel comfortable talking about your sex life with me. There are no problems I haven’t heard before and nothing that will surprise me. Most of all, there is no sexual problem that can’t be helped. I’ve dedicated my career to helping people like you feel good about sex and their relationships.